According to Turkish Press and Archive Documents ATATURK’S PERIOD (1920–1938) SADABAD PACT AND RELATIONSHIP TURK - IRAK
Türk Basını ve Arşiv Belgelerine Göre ATATÜRK DÖNEMİ (1920–1938) TÜRK - IRAK İLİŞKİLERİ VE SADABAD PAKTI

Author : İbrahim ERDAL
Number of pages : 93-104


Iraq is one of the states founded in the Middle East by separating from Ottoman state. Iraq remained under the mandate of Great Britain until 1932, but she acted as an independent state in bilateral relations. The question of Mosul and the disputes over the border became the most important issues in relations between Iraq and Turkey. Irredentist policies of Italy initiated the process of a regional pact between Iraq and Turkey. In this article, developments in two states’ relations and the Sadabad Pact were studied.


Sadabad Pact, Irak, Musul, M


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