Solving Linear Programming Problems With Simplex Method By Using Excel

Author : Cavit YEŞİLYURT - Mehmet Ali ALAN
Number of pages : 1333-1344


Linear programming is an area of linear algebra in which the goal is to maximize or minimize a linear function whose boundary is defined by linear inequalities and equations. The solution can be consructed using the simplex method and is attributed to George Dantzig known as The Father of Linear Programming. The solution of linear programming problems is possible to using by graffical method or simplex method. Optimum solition in graffical method related to the edge of the feasible region. Simplex method is also depend on this essential idea. Whith an another statement, Although simplex method is an algebrical method the essential idea it’s depend on geometrical. In the case of the number of variable two the solition of the model is possible using whith the grafical method. İf the number of variable more than two then this method is not use. Simplex method can be use both whith two varible and more. Whith simplex method objective function is aimed to be maximize or minimize by usin iterational processes. The aims of profits to be maximized, or loss to be minimized by using the scarce resources of businesses wisely. One of the methods used in solving linear programming problems is simplex method. Excel enables optimum solutions to these problems of businesses without extra costs for businesses.


Mathematics Programming, Linear Programming, Simplex Method, Excel Solver


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