Author : Meltem Erol DÜZBASTILAR
Number of pages : 505-511


With the area it contains, the depth and the variabilities it has, the Traditional Turkish Music forms a cultural wealth in history (Ay, 1988: 540). Rast maqam in Traditional Turkish Music is the fifth most frequently used maqam in TRT repertoire, one of the widest collection of Traditional Turkish Music. The aim of this study is to analyse the usage of Rast maqam intervals by using computer thecnology. The computer thecnology which has shown a great progress in recent years, is begun to be used in music dcypline researches and analysis, and it provided great opportunities to the researchers. The usage of computer spreads in music researches at thace phase of analysing the data (Erol, 2007:38). The studies which take long time, and have hard, monotonuous process steps, begun to be made in the music field and spread among the teachers by the help of the computer thecnology. In this study, 50 Rast composition which are choosen randomly are analyzed by using computer thecnology to determine the usage of Rast maqam intervals. As the result of this study, the usage of Rast maqam intervals are determined and explained with examples. According to the results of this study B2 interval to the direction of low pitched voice field is determined as the most frequently used interval, and K6 interval to the direction of low pitched voice field is determined as the least used interval of the Rast Maqam. This study is important because of displaying characteristics of Rast melodies. It is thought that this study will provide a new perspective to the researchers, composers, players, teachers and learners, and will contribute to their studies.


Rast Maqam, Musical İntervals, Statistical Analysis.


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