In textiles, art, design and knowledge gained from science play an active role in the creation of visual features including surface effects such as color, texture and pattern. The visual properties of the interior textiles are directly related to the space where they will be used. Laura Ashley, one of the world's most beloved fashion and home furniture designers, initially made furniture materials in the 1950s, and in the 1960s she expanded her business with clothing design and production. The Laura Ashley style has been the symbol of Romantic British designs, often using a sense of countryiness from the 19th century and using natural fabrics. Laura Ashley, one of the world's most popular fashion and home furniture companies, has come from humble beginnings. Laura and Bernard Ashley couple, after the exhibition of Traditional Handicrafts by the Institute of Women in Victoria and Albert Museum in 1953, began by pressing the scarf at their kitchen table in London. They went to the libraries to learn everything about fabric printing, and they had started with a new excitement by investing £ 10 in screen printing, printing inks and linen. At first, they produced small fabrics with geometric patterns in their small flats. Laura Ashley, a British textile designer who gave her products outside the mainstream of fashion, brought a new look to fashion, interior and furniture design with her feminine silhouette and floral print designs during the reign of Queen Victoria. Laura Ashley's most outstanding work is the fashion brand of Laura Ashley, which she founded with her husband. This adventure started with scarf design has turned into a domestic production industry worth £ 200 million. The Laura Ashley brand is a global company that still operates today in Europe, the US, Asia and Australia, although it has been through many difficult times and times. In this research, the history of the British designer Laura Ashley from humble beginnings to becoming a brand and style icon, Laura Ashley style and designs were discussed.


Interior Design, Laura Ashley, Romanticism, Ruralism

Author : Naile Rengin OYMAN
Number of pages: 245-264
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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