Learning refers to solving a problem that individuals meet properly by utilising their experiences. Individuals acquire this skill from their living aims, their wish to solve problems, the obstacles they meet and their will to succeed. The attitudes of individuals towards learning provide them with various advantages in all their life in order to reach their aims, to solve their problems, and to comply with improvements. The attitudes of teacher candidates towards learning when they start their profession are really important for them to keep their professional development alive continuously. Therefore, the aim of this research is to analyse the attitudes of teacher candidates towards learning in terms of various variables. The Attitude Scale towards Learning, developed by Kara (2010) and whose reliability and validity analysis was done, was used in the study by taking the necessary permissions and the survey model was adopted in the research. The study group of the research consisted of the senior teacher candidates studying at Akdeniz University in the 2017-2018 educational years. The acquired data was analysed thanks to the SPSS package program. The results of the research indicated that the attitudes of teacher candidates towards learning were high and positive, that their learning expectations were quite high, and that their anxiety levels towards learning were middle. In addition, according to the results of the research, it was determined that the attitudes of teacher candidates towards learning showed significant differences in the whole scale and its various dimensions in terms of the variables including gender, teaching department, parental educational background and living area before university.

Learning, Attitude Towards Learning, Teacher Candidates