Language is an institution that shows the identity of a nation and is a culture carrier. The vocabulary of this social institution is not composed of the words of that language. Idioms, stereotypes, proverbs, terms and various narrative patterns are also included in these utterances. The vocabulary of the language, which forms the construction of the language, is transferred from generation to generation with this culture bearing characteristic of language. The names of plants, which are examined in the field of basic vocabulary especially in vocabulary, are considered within the science of name, which is one of the branches of meaning of linguistics. In this study, the names of vegetables and fruits from plant names were tried to be evaluated. In order to identify the names of vegetables and fruits, Turkish Sender Dictionary was used. Turkish Sender Dictionary, which contains words from various dialects of Turkish, is a work of Turkish language, which give information to other languages from Turkish, and contains information units in the semantic field of language. The aim of this article is to determine the terms of vegetables and fruits in Turkish Sender Dictionary with numerical data and try to show which languages they have. A total of twenty seven vegetable species were identified in the Turkish Sender Dictionary In terms of numerical data as the highest number of vegetables in other languages; eggplant (13), leek and okra (9), zucchini and beet (8), bean and beet (7), cauli, lettuce, radish (6) has been used. Vegetables with the least number of other languages in terms of numerical data; Gherkin Kohlrabi, Ali Bey Herb, Cucumber, Berengi, Purslane (2), tomato, potato, garlic (3). Forty-one (41) fruit species were identified in Turkish Sender Glossary. In terms of numerical data, the highest number of fruits in other languages; Lemon (13), Bostan (12), Bey pear (11), Watermelon (10), Cherry (9), Chestnut, Melon, Mulberry, Pear (8), Date, Pomegranate, Peach, Apricot (7); the least number of passers-by, white-mulberry (1), gold-headed (1), Pineapple (1), Currant (1), Mespilus (1); Banana (2), Sergeant grape (2), Coconut (2), New spring (2).

Turkish Sender Dictionary, Names, Vegetable, Fruit, Plant