Türkân İldeniz’s poem called “Kaçak” is based on the poem “Kaptan” by Atillâ İlhan. While the first four parts of the poem is in the poet’s poetry book called Taşra Kızının Deliceleri, its fifth part is in the poet’s poetry book called Havva Çıkmazı. The poem “Kaçak” is analyzed in the context of “search archetype”. “Archetype” which means “main example” is a universal and general first model. We encounter with the “search archetype” in many literary genres such as fairytales, myths, epos, romances and modern novels. In some of the fairy tales in various countries, the same plot is encountered. The son of a sultan or a king take the road to find a girl or a precious object; encounters many obstacles; receives assistance from people or animals with supernatural powers; he finally returns with getting what he wants. In modern literature, this kind of journey is “inner journey” which the person is looking for his personality. In here, in the context of “Archetypal criticism” the opinions of Carl Gustav Jung and Clarissa Pinkola Estés are used. İldeniz tells a self-discovery process of a woman in the poem “Kaçak”. The woman wants to leave her house and go on a voyage with the Captain (Kaptan). At first, the reason for her to leave her house is the social pressure. Then she enters an adventure on searching for herself. In this process, she falls in love with the Captain; becomes a woman; from time to time she betrays the Captain and ends the “age of innocence”; fights with her dark sides; leaves him by offering him her heart. Eventually she finds her personality. And the Captain is nobody but a person who supports her on her journey on searching for herself.

Archetype, Search Archetype, Personality, Poem, Türkân Ildeniz