The aim of this study is to determine the perceptions of academic staff on leaders and leadership by means of metaphors. The model of the research is in phenomenological model. This model is used in the investigation of cases that are not known but have a deep and detailed viewpoint. In order to investigate the phenomena that are not completely alien to us, but also to investigate the facts that we cannot fully comprehend, the phenomenology model provides a suitable research base. The sample of the study consists of 29 academicians of faculty of education at a university in the region of Western Black Sea in Turkey, selected by purposive sampling method of sampling. In order to collect the data of the research and to determine the opinions of the academic staff about leader and leadership concepts via metaphors, an interview form was formed by the researchers. The data obtained from the research were analyzed by content analysis method. When the metaphors related to the leader concept are examined, objects or tools that have a useful feature such as scales, train tracks, rulers, sun and stars are used in the categories of vehicle / object and leader personality. In the category of leading personality, Atatürk and Dede Korkut were used as an analogy to the historical figures such as Atatürk and Dede Korkut, who have been influential in their own times, who have managed their societies with their skills and have guided their masses, and pioneered professions due to the nature of the work performed. Looking at the metaphors produced regarding the concept of leadership; it has been seen that analogies were made in the categories of leadership / direction, protection and innovation / creativity. In the leadership / direction showing category, it is seen that there are objects that show direction to people like the lighthouse, the northern star, and the exit door, which are helpful and difficult. When we look at the metaphors produced in the category of guardianship, it is seen that the metaphors are generally reactionary to external threats and their attacks are spraying. When the metaphors produced in the category of innovation / creativity are examined, it is emphasized the important roles of leadership such as revelations, innovation and exchange.


Leader, Leadership, Metaphor, Faculty of Education, Academic Staff

Author : Ömer YILMAZ - - Salih Paşa MEMİŞOĞLU
Number of pages: 1-15
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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