The Efficiency and mobility in the Ottoman press life has increased during the II. Constitutional Period. Newspapers and magazines have been published repeatedly. This situation accelerated the development of the Ottoman Empire in these fields which was behind the West in terms of press, broadcasting and advertising. The first publication in the Ottoman period has begun as bilingual in the second half of the 19th century. One of these journals which appeared during the II. Constitutional Period is Mekteb Müzesi (Resimli Dünya) Journal. According to some researchers Mekteb Müzesi which is one hand regarded as a women’s journal because of its contents and authors and which is on the other hand regarded as a children’s journal on account of its identity, is a kind of journal with full of content. Mekteb Müzesi journal, which is an important milestone of Ottoman printing life, should be considered and recognized with many different aspects. In the period when Mekteb Müzesi was published, the publisher of the journal Ahmet Edib Bey stated that it was considered as children’s journal because of its name. In the texts of the advertisements, announcements and visuals in the journal which can be published in 12 issues had long sentences and many Persian and Arabic phrases were included instead of short, high and expressive expressions such as today's journal. Firstly, the press life and first advertising activities will be introduced in the Ottoman Empire and the brief information will be given about Mekteb Müzesi (Resimli Dünya) in this study. Texts, advertisements and images will be examined in all these published issues. The index will be generated and the vocabulary used in this period will be shown with numerical data. These data will be supported with examples from the texts within the magazine.


Mekteb Müzesi, Resimli Dünya, Advertisement, Vocabulary, Women journals in Ottoman

Author : Hasan ÖZER - - Gülşah UZAN
Number of pages: 171-188
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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