Ali Şükrü Bey is one of the important figures in the last years of the Ottoman Empire and during the years of the Turkish National Struggle. He became one of the leaders of the opposition in the First Term the Grand National Assembly of Turkey of which he participated as Trabzon Deputy. However, he was killed in Ankara while he was performing this duty. His killing caused great repercussions in Turkey. The reflections of his killing were also seen in foreign countries. This murder was followed by Ali Şükrü Bey’s murder in the United Kingdom (UK), one of the most important global powers of the period. British newspapers transferred the process to their public opinion with its different news and its comments. There were several reasons for this interest of British newspapers. This study examines the effects of Ali Şükrü Bey Murder on British public opinion according to British newspapers: The Northern Whig and Belfast Post, Northern Daily Mail, The Yorkshire Post, The Cıtizen, Aberden Press and Journal, Western Daily Press, The Evening News, The Aberden Daily Journal, The Western Morning News and Mercury, The Derry Journal, Derby Daily Telegraph, Sheffield Independent, The Scotsman, Western Daily Press, The Evening News and The Echo. The reflections of the murder on Turkish sources such as the newspapers, the official minutes and memories of the period were also given. Thus, the process could compare the effects in Turkey and UK. This contributed to a better understanding of Ali Şükrü Bey murder.


Ali Şükrü Bey, Osman Ağa, Trabzon, Britain, British Newspapers

Author : Uğur ÜÇÜNCÜ
Number of pages: 337-348
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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