Author : Derya ÇIĞIR DİKYOL
Number of pages : 159-173


The history of education is the history of humanity. The history of humanity begins with sharing information with the community and transferring it to the following generations not with writing. The materials which are the remains of human culture help us to understand the education obtained through the prehistoric times. Science of archaeology which is gradually developing in recent years increased our datas with new ones. The purpose of this study was to answer the question of how education was carried out in prehistoric times. Document analysis method was used in this study with using anthropologic, ethnologic studies and sources related to education science beside archaeological studies. The findings and results, based on an integral context were tried to present in terms of education reconcideration. From the findings it was understood that although there was not an institution that could be described as a school and a profession called as teacher, the education in its own natural process, was informally being done. When the archaeological remains about this period were evaluated in terms of education, with the help of sociological and anthropological studies, it was possible to make deductions about the education in the prehistoric times. The remains of prehistoric times, like stone tools, art forms such as cave pictures and statuettes, agricultural remains, pans and pots, when observed in this aspect, were all good examples for cultural transmission and evolution of human mind. The prehistoric human was learning, he used the knowledge to solve any kind of life problem, but not with memorization. He structured, conceptualised, interpreted the knowledge in his mind transferred it to new situations. As a conclusion, education in prehistoric period was based on learning rather than teaching which is overlaping with today’s constructivist aproach.


history of education, prehistory, informal education

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