Author : Bilal TEMİZ
Number of pages : 65-81


The Lord of the 'Alamîn (worlds i.e. mankind, jinns and all that exists) has revealed The Surah Yusuf in which there’s no command or prohibition for the purpose of disciplining mankind. But Allah has downloaded the surah for getting educated and enlighted the mankind as if telling a film scenario for a real story. There are two aims of this surah standing out: The first aim: In this Surah Prophet Joseph’s (Yusuf) brothers’ mistreatment and problems they have caused are narrated. As it is emphasized in ayah “For Allah is with those who patiently persevere 8:46” it feels as if Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) is relieved of worry. The polytheists of Mecca, on the other hand, are warned. For example while the people which mentinoned in the story, applying their actions or expressions, in the other hand the base knowledges that interspersed among the actions by The God exactly were becoming in reality. Like the dream was showed The Prophet Joseph in his child years has become in reality. Inside parts of these cases the dreams of the Joseph’s friends in the prison and the King of Country (or as seemed to them) were alived in centre of real life. In the second action there was a shirt phenomenon which used as a tool in a lie in the beginning of the story, and in the middle of the story had shown a presumption in the Prophet Joseph judgement to the wife of Al-Aziz. And finally became excellent and the shirt when touhced Jacob’s face he opened his blind eyes and became seer. The second aim; which may be the real aim; on one side, it is emphasized that man can do whatever he wants with his free will. On the other side, the way to the pattern of fate behind the curtain of daily events is led with ayahs reflecting the revelation and full of


Parable, Taqiyya, Divine Speech of Allah to Mankind, Prophet Jacob, Prophet Joseph, Plot, Script of

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