Author : Mehmet GÜL -- Yusuf DEVRAN
Number of pages : 375-389


It can be clearly said that one of the basic component of political communication is language and use of this language. It is known that the effective use of the language requires not only the humor well know but also the use of its time and place. On the other hand, extravagant, timeless and uncorrelated with context use of humor can adversely affect the credibility and authority of the leader. Humor is an element that comforts community and removes tensions in a society. With this feature, the humor is a significant and useful expression method. Nevertheless, making humor requires the democratic maturity, tolerance, and respect. Hence, if a political leader can make humor in a society, it is an important indicator of the democratic development of society. Furthermore, that the political leaders communicate by using humor is crucial in terms of the effectiveness of the message that was given and sustainability in mind. Therefore, in this study, it will be handled the prominence, etched into the memory and vintage humor of the president of a political party, prime ministers and presidents. Also, it will be focused at what time and for what purpose they give place humor. It is impossible to handle the humor of all political leaders in the Turkish political life. So, this article is limited to humorous discourse that marked the political life of Turkey, evergreen and located in memories. Within the framework of the flow of the article, it will be primarily made statements about what is humor. After that, theoretical approaches about humor, laughter and comedy will be discussed. After making explanations about the use of humor in political communication, it will be examined with examples how and for what purpose political leaders use the humor.


Humor, Comedy, Language, Political Communication, Political Leaders

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