Author : Zehra Esra KETENOĞLU KAYABAŞI -- Mustafa YILDIZ - Elçin AYAZ - Songül AKLAR
Number of pages : 507-524


The aim of this research that to understanding why some primary students do not like to read books. In line with this purpose, interviews were conducted with five students who do not like to read books and their parents. In collecting the data from semi-structured interview technique was used. Five semi-structured interview questions were prepared by researchers to be asked each of students and their parents. When selecting participants, researchers met with the classroom teachers who must declare their students do not like to read books. Interviews were conducted in one session with each student and their parents. Also interviews were recorded using the voice recorders by the researchers. After the data is written to the transcript made similar concept code list. Concepts were created categories and themes by associating with each other. Results are presented in two separate parts as students and parents. In the part of students, findings were presented under the title of books, expectations, environment, leisure time, avoidance and emotion. There are salient findings that children do not like books with long text and only one child has a library in his\her house. In addition, the students stated that they play game and watch TV in their leisure time. Furthermore, students stated that books are boring. In the part of parents, findings were presented under the title of reading book and children. Parents mostly stated that reading book is very important and people can improve self-development by reading book. The majority of parents give advice to their children to increase the children’s interest in reading. In addition when parents of all children find their children’s reading inadequate, only two parents founded the library in their house and to be model to their children. Mostly parents stated that their children read a book as a homework and when their children read a book they quickly get bored, distraction and leave reading undone. Based on the research findings that parents and classroom teachers inadequate model in reading. Also there were very little reading activities in home and outdoor. Other research finding is that the TV is turned on in the evening leads to failure to obtain reading habit.


Reading Book, Reading Habit, Primary School Students, Parents’ Views

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