Author : Mert KOZAN
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Longobards, also known as Lombards A.D. I. It was a Germanic Congregation living in the north of the Elbe River in Northern Germany around the 1st century AD. The Longobards who lived as part of the Suevi Confederation from this date to approximately V. Century; By the end of the V. century began to migrate further south. From here they came to the banks of the Danube River where today's Austria is located. Here, after major battles with many rival tribes, the main rivalry of the Gepids was defeated and buried this society in the dusty pages of history (567). However, the real prospect of the Longobards comes from the success they have achieved and the success they have achieved in Italy under the leadership of King Alboin. Under the rule of King Alboin, this tribe who first lived in the Pannonia region organized a series of flights to Italy from 568. These expeditions have already hit the important social and economic life of Italy in the beginning, and have created considerable confusion in Italy in the Late Antiquity. Since the beginning of the raids, there has been a deterioration in the city order. There have also been significant changes in relations with the Catholic Church. As a result of this, the Longbords who had been corrupted by the Franks on the call of the Pope, They continued with the name they gave their territory in Italy. Today it is the name of Lombardy, the richest and most developed region of Italy.Today it is the name of Lombardy, the richest and most developed region of Italy. The main purpose of our work is to understand the influences that this conflict has made and to examine the situation in the northern part of Italy.


Longobards, Alboin, Italy, Medieval, Late Antiquity

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