Author : Melahat ÇEVİK
Number of pages : 205-212


Education continues throughout life. However, the training in formal learning is more efficient and of high quality; It contains endless research. Generally, research is conducted on the basis of statistical data. The individual is educated in his / her life, but may encounter some communication problems in school format. In this respect new and living solutions are necessary. The feasibility of these solutions is the solution; puts the bond with life. The non-living solution does not work. Art is one of the most appropriate learning solutions, especially since it imitates life in a way. How and how to use the artistic in the education and learning process depends on the individual characteristics and the purpose of education. In the light of this data, we are investigating how to use art in the cultural structure but it is insufficient. It is necessary to study how art education should be used for each individual as a learning tool of art. They need to study the individual needs of the data obtained from this care, not the mass. Applicability is problematic given the population dynamics of such studies. But maybe it is applicable in special education, or in special classes that are compulsory. The healing aspect of art is a tested reality. It is especially easy for individuals with bodily competence to perform. However, in the case of physically handicapped individuals, physical therapies in practice can produce solutions as well as they can be offered as an alternative in their recovery. The introduction of physical therapies into the inner world of the individual can also be facilitated by the artistic


Education, Art Works, Learning Relationship

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