Author : Nadir YURTOĞLU
Number of pages : 383-390


This study deals with the vegetable species grown in various regions of Turkey from 1940 to 1950, the cultivation areas of such species, and their effects on economy. The subject is limited to and discussed under the title of vegetable growing activities in Turkey from 1940 to 1950. Evaluations have been made based on numeric data in discussing the vegetable growing activities. The gap in the literature about the research subject has been filled through use of primary sources such as official publications, journals of official reports, proceedings of memorandum, statistical data, articles from various economy and agriculture magazines of the period, and books. The relevant evaluations have been made considering the different vegetable species grown in Turkey at that time. It has been found out that in the ten-year period between 1940 and 1950, attempts were made in various regions of the country according to their climate and soil conditions at growing vegetables with high nutritional values such as cauliflowers, artichokes, broad beans, okras, beans, aubergines, cabbages, and carrots, which are necessary for community health, and such attempts were turned into a field of occupation. In this process experienced through World War II and in the post war period, while part of the vegetables grown was utilized in meeting the nutritional requirements of family members, the rest was put onto the market for trading purposes and used in raising revenue. This advancement in vegetable production, while paving the way for taking advantage of country’s agricultural means on the one hand, helped eliminate the problems of the war period especially in preventing people from facing starvation on the other. Furthermore, thanks to the generation of foreign exchange by way of sales of a significant part of the vegetables grown in Turkey to foreign countries, important contributions were made to the country’s economy.


Legumes, Fresh Vegetables, Vegetables in Season, Early Vegetable Growing

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