Author : Emine ERDAL SİDELİ -- N.Rengin OYMAN
Number of pages : 225-243


The art of weaving carpets in traditional Turkish arts has an important place both artistic and cultural. These propagators, which have been produced almost everywhere in Anatolia, have lost their former significance even though they came up to date with their generations. The research was conducted in order to document and analyze the examples of Fethiye Kayaköy residents, which are widely used by the local people, and to transmit them to future generations with accurate information.There have been a lot of researches about traditional textiles in and around Fethiye, but a large and informative study has not been done about Kayaköy Fires in Fethiye. The region where Fethiye Kayaköy is located and the cultural values it carries, when examined from the point of view of pile fabrics, carries the richness of the motifs, the colors used and the technical characteristics of the documents. This study is very important in terms of introducing, documenting and conveying to future generations of Fethiye Kayaköy residents. In this context, the colors, patterns, tools, materials, technicques applied to the area are available. Muğla-Fethiye Kayaköy carpets were intended to determine yarn preparation, weaving technicques, weaving technicques, motifs and local names of the materials used, colors, materials, motifs, local terms.


Handwoven Carpet, Muğla-Fethiye, Kayaköy, Kayaköy Carpets

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