Author : Esad Çetin
Number of pages : 447-455


This paper, mainly wishes to point out some concepts and facts like "feminism" and “islamism” and its consequence as a social fact which is being revealed in societies. But before it, we are supposed to figure out what the essence of “fenimism” is. To not make an anachronic interpretation to social analysis, also this paper wishes to reveal the historical context of these concepts. So to say, we are rethinking the “feminism” and its “results” in practical way. The idea called “practical way”, which feminism is supposed to use merely it, is the fundement of this study. Because the feminism is practical movement in societies rather than theoretical or philosophical investigation or etc. As a consequence the practically valid dynamics in this country and society are interested in Islamic studies so called “Islamism”. The relation between Islamism and Feminism were been shown and also it were been shown that the feminism is a modern fact because of this relation. We endeavour to show that not purely “feminism” but “the fact that feminism is in this society” is modern. Feminism influenced publics with some reasonings all around the world. But those reasonings are not very philophical investigation or not the ideas which have theoretical ground.


Feminism, Feminist Philosophy, Islamism, Social Gender, Social Gender Inequality

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