Author : Timuçin AYKANAT
Number of pages : 233-269


Hacı Ahmed İzzet Pasha was the son of Haşim Pasha. He was born in Erzincan in 1213/1798-1799. Pasha, who are in many state posts, reached the ranks of Mirliva and Ferik. Pasha, who reached the rank of vezir, also served in various governorship positions. In addition to his government duties, he also wrote poems in poetry. Hacı Ahmed İzzet Pasha; is a good thinker and poet. Pasha, who has an advanced level of knowledge about the theories and practices of classical Turkish poetry, is also a good expert. Aruz in his poems, using expertly Izzet Pasha, wrote ghazals, kaside, nat, prediction, nazm, continent, history, beyt etc. poetry with both the general framework of classical Turkish poetry as well as religious-historical events showed sensitivity. In his poems, the pasha, who uses the İzzet pseudonym, started his divan with a mirac-name. The work, which continues with the nat-i şerif, ends with ghazels, guts, kassas, tercibents, continents, verses, dates and circles. Hacı Ahmed İzzet Pasha preferred the eulogy as a dominant style in his poems. The poet, who sings a small number of satiricals, praises his memduh in praise by going beyond extremism. Reşid Pasha and Sultan II. Abdulhamid Han and other palace pashas are. Referring to the state services and the humanity of their people, the pasha proves his competence with classical Turkish poetry through the human-poetry perspective. In this article, the biography of Hacı Ahmed İzzet Pasha was presented and promoted; The literature was transcribed and translated into literature. On this axis; Hacı Ahmed İzzet Pasha and his poems became evident.


Hacı Ahmed İzzet Pasha, İzzet, Classical Turkish Poetry, Human-Poetry, Transcription

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