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Hinduism is a polytheistic religion and has three important deities: Brahma Vishnu and Shiva. Other god and goddessess are linked to these three gods. The wives, childeren or avatars of these three gods. Goddesses are likewise linked to these three gods.In addition to being wives of gods, they all have different views, duties and responsibilities. One of the important Hindu goddesses Kali is one of the different manifestations of Shiva’s female energy, Shakti, Devi,Durga and Parvati. The research exanines how Kali is described and symbolized. Hindu goddesses are often portrayed as phscally young and beatiful, but Kali is the only goddess unlike any other goddess, which not portrayed as beatiful in the classical sense. Her paintings and sculptures are often at the center of blood and death. The goddess, with its blue, black appearance and terrifying glances, is depicted with blood dripping from its long canines and its tongue protruding from its mounth. She has ten or twelwe hands and each has guns and a severed head. She wears a necklace from human skulls. All these depictions gain meaning with the details. Of mythological stories. Kali is a mother goddess behind her horrible appearance who helps the gods in battle an deven fights the demon fort hem. From the western feminist point of wiev. İnterested in mother goddess cults, Kali represents both the creative and destructive feature of Lord Shiva, as well as all stages of woman’s life. The research exanines how Kali is described and symbolized.


Kali, Sculpture, Painting, Mythology, Hinduism

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