Author : Mürüvvet TÜRKEN ÇAKIR
Number of pages : 411-421


One of the leading writers of modern Arabic literature and also considered the founder of the Arabic historical novel, Corci Zeydan of Lebanese descent has contributed many works to the world of literature. Zeydan has written twenty-one historical novels, most of which describe the periods of Arab and Islamic history, such as the Umayyads, Abbasids and Ottomans. These works were the first to bring value to the novel genre by revealing the author's historicist side rather than the literaturist side. Zeydan, who wrote them with an emphasis on the educational role of the novel and in order to meet the wishes of the society, has been quite successful in this regard. In addition, Zeydan's presentation of historical events in his novels under the roof of the novel in order for the reader to learn more permanently increased his popularity among both readers and writers, and especially many writers were influenced by him and began to write historical novels. In his historical novels, Corci Zeydan tried to reflect to the reader the experiences of both the Arab society and the people of different nationalities living in this society from yesterday to today, the paths they have come through, the level of civilization they have reached and the state of the period they were in. He particularly emphasized the elements such as language, religion, and culture that enable people to exist in society. In this context, in our study, by examining both the real and fictional main characters of Corci Zeydan's three prominent novels within the social structure, we will try to see both their relationships with each other and their reflections on society and the social framework of the period in which these characters lived.


Modern Arabic Literature, Novel, Society, Literature, Social Fram

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