About Us

JASSS (The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies) is headquartered in Elazığ, Turkey.

JASSS (The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies) is an international peer-reviewed, scientific, electronically published journal.

JASSS began publishing in 2008.

JASSS (The Journal of Academic Journal Social Science Studies) is regularly published at least number 4 per year.

Turkish, English, French, Arabic, German and Russian languages are published in the JASSS.

JASSS is an open-access journal that accepts the criteria of COPE and BOAI.

Scientific fields where JASSS accepts articles: Social Sciences, Psychological Sciences, Economics and Business, Education Sciences, Social sciences, Right, Political science, Social and economic geography, Mass media and mass communications, Other social sciences, Humanities, History and Archaeology, Linguistics and literary studies, Philosophy, ethics, religious studies, Art History, Other humanities

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The Journal Academic Social Science Studies is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.