Article Processing Charges

Unlike traditional publishers, Open Access publishers – like The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies-JASSS– do not generate revenue from selling subscriptions. Instead, we make all of our articles freely available. Like other Open Access publishers, The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies-JASSS charges an Article Processing Charge (APC) once an article is accepted for publication. This charge helps to cover the costs of taking a manuscript and turning it into a finished article.

For the articles to be published in The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies-JASSS, the authors donate 275 TL/70 USD. The deposited donation is used for expenses such as digital printing, graphic design, the introduction of articles and journal in international indexes, purchase of  DOI numbers and internet domain fee.

Articles uploaded to JASSS (The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies) are charged TL 275/USD 70 to be deposited into the design company account. This fee is deposited in accordance with the information message sent by the journal after the article has been uploaded to the system by the author, prior to the initiation of the blind-peer review process. After the publication fee is paid, the receipts from the authors are sent by the journal Management to the design company and the process of refereeing the work is initiated. After published electronically, the journal will be sent to authors (only if the authors pay the shipment fee). Please insert your current and detailed address to your account on journal as we ground on your address which is on the site.

Submission Charges

The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies-JASSS does not charge any fee for sending and uploading articles to the journal.

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