Ethem Baran who is one of the recent successful story writers, has become a novelist in 2008 with his first novel, named Yarım. This novel which exposes the dark dominance that “12 September” period exerts on people, is a competent oeuvre that can be classified as a psychological novel because it opens up the characters’ psychology profoundly. In this article, the protagonist will be examined through the donnees of the appropriate theories that can be found in “Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism”, which was founded by Sigmund Freud in the 20th century and was developped and extended into different branches later on. First, the protagonist’s state of mind will be determined through the causal connection, always sticking to the novel’s donnees, in the light of the theories that are appropriate for the novel. Psychoanalytic is a science that mentions act of creation and artistry. Especially exhibitting the data based on where Writer's creativity come from, can't be ignored. Yarım's headcharacter is a character that wants to be an artist and also has attempts in this case. Overall the novel consists of his articles as well. Therefore he will be thought as architect of the creation and the source of his creativity will be stated within the framework the data of theory that handled. After that, following the idea of psychoanalytic: “every novel has traces from the novelist in it”, traces from the novelist’s own life will be looked for. Besides all that, a lot of images that the novelist uses to invite the reader to activity from passivity, will be studied to get them deciphered. <

Psychoanalysis, Ethem Baran, Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism