The Qur'an is the word of God. The Qur'an was sent by God to Muhamammed. He told the people who live with him in the Qur'an. Then reach forwarded all contemporaries. Thus, all of humanity has reached the Koran. Invited them to Islam. The Prophet stated that the Koran was still alive. Also people have asked where they did not understand. Still wondering what they have learned by asking. After the death of the Prophet's people have struggled to understand the Koran. People have interpreted the verses of the daily life of the new conditions. Because Qur’an is for all ages. This provides commentary. In order to, interpretations of the Qur'an were made from the early ages. In order to, dozens of works put forward our age. In today's scholars M. Said Şimşek wrote a commentary for this purpose. Simsek's work consists of five volumes. Claims that are included in reviews of works towards contemporary life. Work is important in this respect.This study examines M. Sait Şimşek's book The Interpretation of the Qur'an of the Life Source. This study aims at the determination of contemporary comments in this book. In this study, some of Simsek's book of exegesis, theology, canon law issues are examined and some current issues. This study also reveals that the main method of Simsek's book, which is writing.

M. Sait Simsek, Tafsir, Quran, Contemporary