A Research About Prospective Teachers Status Who Use Teaching Material
There are various factors that help teachers to use their technics and strategies efficiently. One of them is the teachers’ self – sufficiency perceptions that are related to applying strategies and methods into their courses. The other factor is circumstances at school. It is clear that teachers get used to the old methods and they neglect the technological requirements and teaching materials. The teachers who not improve themselves are not able to follow the new developments and they sometimes need help from the younger teachers who have just started their careers. In that study, the prospective teachers’ teaching material requirements at the schools when they have just started to work have been analyzed. It has been searched how good the teachers are at using teaching materials although they have just graduated from their universities. The prospective teachers have been asked which tools, sources and methods they use or which of them they do not prefer. They have been asked to determine why they do not prefer using technological products. Although they are new graduates from university, some prospective teachers have stated that they can not use technological tools. Some of these tools were used during classes at universities but they were not able to follow new developments. They sometimes can not find the products they need or they are not allowed to use them although they are available at school. They have stated that they would like to adapt new technology into their classes but they have problems in providing those products. <

Teacher Education, Educational Technology, Prospective Teachers, Primary Education.