Since the ancient time China is known as a country of music and ceremonies. The social and educational role of music in Chinese society was very important: it was believed that it helps on the one hand in the country’s management, on the other hand in the people’s education. The cosmological and socio-political understanding of music was typical for the ancient Chinese. It was believed that musical tones correspond to the different elements of the universe and all things interact to each other on the basis of communication, similar to the musical consonances. The oldest musical instruments which were found in China date back to the V-IV millennia BC. They are the various kinds of whistles and bone pipes. Relating to that time the spherical clay ocarinas, lithophones, bronze bells and other musical instruments were found during the archaeological excavations. There are some textual confirms of a significant increase in the number of musical instruments in the Zhou dynasty. A variety of rattles, scrapers, stringed instruments, flutes etc. were indicated. During that period, there were classification “ba yin” (eight sounds) - the traditional musical instruments’

Music culture of China, Chinese music instruments, ba yin