The purpose of this study is to investigate whether containing Turkish culture and Ataturkism (Kemalism) of secondary Geography curricula or not. In this study, document analysis which is one of qualitative inquiry methods was used. The first Geography curricula, was developed in 1924, was a simple list of subjects. Through these subjects there wasn’t any subject about Turkish culture or Ataturkism. This situation was seen at the 1942 curriculum, which was prepared just as a photocopy of 1924 curriculum except of 12th grade’s Turkish Geography curricula that contains some subjects deal with Turkish culture. In 1957 curricula, this situation was protected and in the 1971 curricula Turkish culture was spread to all grades of high school. In 1973 curricula, subjects were extended and so Turkish culture was also got more references. The peak point of Turkish culture and Ataturkism was reached at 1982 and 1983 curricular. Ataturkism was added at 1983 curricula and this situation was protected until 2005. At 2005 curricula, Turkish culture and Ataturkism were still emphasized. <

secondary mathematics education, teaching program, teachers’ view