The aim of this study is to investigate “The education situation of population in Turkey according to regions”. It is important in order to plan the future of a country with an educated population, therefore, societies, adapting to the modern world, have aimed to reach the quality population having of knowledge and experience. The education situation of Turkey was not good in the early years of the Republic, hence it was realized by Atatürk, who founded the Republic of Turkey, that education reforms should be done. The Republic of Turkey, which aimed to take the place in the modern world, completely demolished old education system, and built contemporary education system instead of them. While literacy rate of Turkey was approximately 10 % in 1927, that rate advanced 88% in 2010. In this study, educational characteristics of geographic regions in Turkey were determined using the statistics of TSI and MapInfo CBS. Besides, we analyzed the effect of social and environmental factors on literacy in Turkey. <

Education Geography, Literacy rate, Geography Factors, Regions and Turkey.