Reading is a complex processes including components such as meaning making, thinking, evaluating, and relating. Behind this processes, reading comprehension resides. Pupils are expected to use various strategies behind, during and after reading in order to develop their reading comprehension skills. Primary school teachers are also expected to create convenient environments to develop pupils’ reading comprehension skills. The purpose of this study is to develop deficient pupils’ understanding skill of reading comprehension. With this purpose, PRSOE (Predicting-Reviewing-Summarizing-Organizing-Evaluating), one of the strategies of reading comprehension is used, and the effect of this strategy on pupils’ skill of reading comprehension is investigated accordingly. The study is carried out by means of an action research, which is one of the methods of critical theory research approach. Critical theory approach uses both the methods of quantitative and qualitative research approaches. The basic aim of action research, which is used in this approach, is to improve any situations. Diaries and natural observations are used as research tools. The sample of the study is three deficient pupils who are studying in a primary school located in the city of Kars. The sample is nonrandom in which simple random sampling is used. The duration of the study is 22 working days. The study has reached to a conclusion that the strategy of PRSOE has positive effect on deficient pupils’ understandings kills of reading. It is hoped that the study can put lights on the topic of how to develop deficient pupils’ understandings kills of reading for primary school teachers. <

Understanding skills of reading, PRSOE understanding skills of reading, action research.