In this study, it is explored the Medicine Ethicality problem of abortion in the context of the principles of beneficence, primum non nocere, autonomy, right to life and legality. It is mentioned correlation pragmatism from Ethics when it is being examined beneficence and primum non nocere; an absolute rule approach when it is being examined right to life; duty ethics when it is examined autonomy; ethics-law when it is being examined legality. Thus, abortion is evaluated in terms of the principles of Medical Ethics, indirectly of the Ethics. At the end of the study, we get through the determination that abortion isn’t an ethical action. We don’t claim that it is the last word on the question of abortion which concerns almost all areas of life. However, by drawing attention to the problem of abortion, we purpose to contribute even a little in the framework of Ethics and Medical Ethics. <

Medical Ethics, abortion embryo, beneficence, autonomy.