Urban policies and urban life is one of the most frequently discussed matters in Turkey’s entry process to European Union. Principally, the policies to be formed by countries , which met the criteria in urban case, are much more easier and realistic in the policies they will form in the other fields. Sustainable urbanization policies may play an important role in the acceleration of economic development in the countries’ processes of stable development, at the same time. Cities should not be seen only as developing physical places. Because, the physical extent of cities are directly related to socio-economic status of the cities. The land-use in the urban lands, the size and quality of these lands effect social life and sustainability in cities. Today, the phenomenon of “sustainable urbanization” is becoming more more important, and it is adopted as a basis. Developed countries consistently develop new policies and implement these policies to have sustainable cities. Considering basic sustainable urban criteria, Turkey must determine prior problems in the urbanization process. To make a better analysis of the cities’ conformity to Europian urban criteria and sustainability in Turkey , it is essential to do comprehensive researches on each problematic side. In recent years, there have been important steps related to ubanization policies. However, there are only a few studies that have focused on the current situation of cities. In this study, it was tried to determine the sustainability levels of some selected cities according to some geographical indicators. To geographical indicators, Ankara, Edirne, İstanbul, İzmir are the cities which have the best sustainability levels. To education indicater, the other indicator group, Trabzon, Konya, Erzurum, Ankara come to the front. When indicators are wholly analyzed, Edirne, İzmit, Ankara, Zonguldak are the cities which have the highest sustainibility while Kars, Diyarbakır and Siirt are the cities which have the lowest sustainibility. <

city, sustainibility level, indicator