The love has been one of the most important themes of the world literature throughout the history. In each period, all literary movements expressed their principles through the love. The works written in the primitive periods of the history are related to the love. In Gilgamesh Epopee known as one of the most ancient works in the history, it was the love which had the hero Gilgamesh rebelled (Duralı 2007). In Iliad which is one of the historical works, Homer relates that the Trojan War occurred due to the love (Homeros 2012). In all the middle age literatures, the adventures of the chevaliers are related to the love. In the following periods, the place that the love occupies in the literature continues exactly in the same way as the preceding periods. The love in the romantic works came out on the apex in the history. For the romantic writers, the indispensable element of their life has been the love and it was the love that gives the form to the life. The independent anarchist sentimentality of Jean Jacques Rousseau (Göker 1982, 26), the theatres related to the love of Shakespeare (Toker 1987, 51–76), the desperation of the young Werther of Goethe (Goethe 2009), the lines filled with passion and melancholic expressions of Alfred de Musset, Gerard de Nerval, Alphonse de Lamartine and other romantic poets (Berk 2001, 111-90), the self-interested philosophy of Stendhal knitted with romantism and love, the religious conception considerably romantic of Chateaubriand, the works related to the praise to the willpower of imagination of Victor Hugo, the musical works of Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven shaking and confusing the spirit, all these writers gave form to the time where they were living. This fictive world based on the love and sentimentality that the romantic writers presented to their readers caused a lot of irreparable problems in the human spirit. The sentimental love exhibited by the romantics in XIXth century has been transformed in illness of the century (mal du siècle). A lot of melancholic people became types inclinable to the suicide. The fictive and imaginative world stands against the real world. The people having a spirit a little sentimental took the portion from the period where they were living and get stuck between the fictive and imaginative world created by the romantics and the real world where they were living. In this just time Gustave Flaubert comes to the help of people suffocating from this melancholic atmosphere fictively create

Flaubert, Aytmatov, Romantic Roman, Romantism and Realism.