The most valuable source of today’s organizations is human. Because of the fact that, it is difficult to grow up a human and effective and efficient use of the other sources depends on the quality and performance of human resources. However, the problems encountered at the organizational level reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of human resources. One these main problems is ‘’Sexual Harassment’’ and organizational culture is an important factor in the emergence of this problem. Ethical dimension of organizational culture that have shaped the attitudes and behavior of employees should not be neglected. The problem of sexual harassment in organizations can be solved by only changing the organizational culture. Such kind of problem which has a major impact on employee behavior and relationships that are not supported by the organizational culture cannot exist. Organizational culture should be structured that it will not allow and support a sexual harassment. All staffs must be placed in this new approach or perspective. The management approaches which is part of organizational culture or have shaped the organizational culture is highly effective in the development or meditation of the problem ‘’sexual harassment’’. In other words, unless the organizational culture support the ‘’sexual harassment’’, the problem cannot arise or expand in organization. This sort of problem that cannot be overcome result in reduced in

Organizational Culture, Ethic, Sexual Harassment.