In this study it has been aimed to analyze the landslide susceptibility analysis of Esence Stream Basin. Esence Stream Basin is located in the northeast of Bingöl. Esence Stream collecting the waters of the basin is one of the important tributaries of Solhan Stream, and reaches the Murat River with this stream. The basin is surrounded by Mount Solhan (2034 m) to the southwest, Mount Halil (2186 m) to the west, and Şahin Hill (2674 m) to the northwest. While the west of the basin has a rugged structure due to being cut by North Anatolian Fault (NAF), volcanic plateaus cover a large area in the east. Tuff from the Upper Miocene-Pliocene and basalt and andesite from the Lower Pliocene have been surfaced in large areas. Although the vegetation in the basin is sparse, the rainfall is much. In the east of the basin, where the vegetation is sparse and the lithology consists of andesite and tuff, landslides have occurred extensively. These landslides developing slowly affect the settlements. In this study the landslide susceptibility analyses have been made for the basin by using lithology, slope, aspect, curvature, distance to the fault lines and vegetation parameters. In these analyses, the weight of evidence method has been used. In this method, the weights of subgroups have been determined using the number of pixels of parameter map’s subgroups and the number of pixels with and without landslides. Weight values have been assigned to the maps and overlaying these maps, landslide susceptibility map has been created. According to the results of analysis, in the basin, the rate of medium-susceptible areas is % 21, the rate of high-susceptible areas is % 16 and the rate of very high-susceptible areas is % 25. This shows that the landslide susceptibility in Esence River Basin is high. According to the analysis, there are settlements in the high-susceptible areas. For this reason, necessary precautions must be taken for settlements in these areas not to be affected by landslides.

Bingöl, Esence Stream Basin, Landslide Susceptibility Analysis, Settlement