Various treatment methods have been developed since the ancient times. One of these methods is herbal treatment. A great deal of works that included herbal treatment have been written since the 14th century. Especially the hand scripts that written in the field of medicine have great contributes to Turkish for being a scientific language since the 15th century. Most of the works are written in many different languages. Some of the works have been translated into Turkish which are enriched our language very much. The informations that they contain have a significant importance for the field of medicine. The book that we worked on is originally in Arabic. The book has translated into Turkish by the name of "Tercüme-i Müfredat-ı İbn-i Baytar". The translated work is presented to Umur Bey. The work has seventeen copies and translated several times. Some of these translations had been presented to different sultans. Thereby the work grown in importance. The work contains many different plant names. These plants are used for treatments of various diseases. In addition to that, the work includes animals, stones and a variety of foods. The author, ibn-i Baytar, has a great knowledge and experience about these areas and he traveled three continent in order to collect materials for his works. He introduced these materials in every respect and he also wrote the names in arabic, in greek and in farsi. In order to not cause any confusion, he marked the words with a vowelpoint. The work is organized in alphabethical order and it contains 2353 articles. Apart from the repetitions, it mention 1400 medications. 200 of them are herbal medications. Additionally it contains new ones, there are 300 new medications.The work has four sections which are introduction, analysis, text and index. After reading the hand scripts, the work transferred to computer with using the transcription alphabeth and made a index with using a new developed software.

Medical Manuscripts, Ibn-i Baytar, Plant Names, Tercüme-i Müfredât-ı Ibn-i Baytar, History of Medic