This research aims at demonstrating the functionality of music courses in secondary education schools based on teachers working in those institutions and at giving recommendations for the solution of problems encountered in attaining the course objectives. It uses a qualitative research design. The research data were collected through semi-structured interviews with randomly chosen eleven music teachers working in the high schools and Anatolian High schools located in Atakum, Ilkadım and Canik districts of Samsun. Categorical analysis, a type of content analysis, was utilized for data analysis in the research. The themes of “physical equipment”, curriculum” approaches to the music course”, “orientation” and “the effectiveness of the music course” as well as the relevant codes were reached in the analyses of the interview questions. The research findings revealed that several factors existed hindering the teaching of music courses effectively and attaining the course objectives at high schools. The music teachers stated their views on such issues as the inadequacy of weekly course hours, the physical equipment necessary for the music course, the applicability of the music curriculum, attitudes of parents, school administrators and other branch teachers towards the course, elective courses regulation, and the state of music in the general system of education. In consequence, recommendations were made on the issues of providing the schools with classrooms and musical materials necessary for instilling in students the desired musical behaviours for raising students’ interest in music courses, simplifying the secondary education music curriculum theoretically, and enriching it with application directed musical activities. <

Secondary education, Music courses, Functionality of music courses, Music education, Music teacher.