The municipalities are the leading institutions in the local government units with important duties. In this context, the municipalities are responsible for ensuring that the people living at the local level receive water, sewage, transportation, refuse, fire, slaughterhouse, it constitutes the first administrative units to meet the many local needs. In fulfilling these diverse and comprehensive tasks, municipal employees have great responsibilities. It is known that mobbing, which is the basic units where the local needs of the people are eliminated, is the mobbing on the staff of the municipalities, and the existence of negative situations which are conveyed as psychological harassment affect the organizational loyalty of the municipality employees. Considering the mobbing issue in the municipalities and evaluating the effect on organizational loyalty, it is important for municipality to provide effective service, given that the municipal staff is assigned to work by appointment and election. In this study, mobbing perception and organizational commitment levels of municipal personnel working in provincial municipalities in Turkey are tried to be evaluated with a field research. Within this scope, 2430 questionnaires were distributed randomly to the provincial municipality in order to determine municipality employees working in 81 provinces, and the personnel working there were randomly distributed and 637 questionnaires were received in a healthy and complete manner. Questionnaires were analyzed with SPSS Packet Program. Within the scope of the research, mobbing perceptions of the municipal staff have a meaningful relationship with negative perceptions of organizational commitment, and the level of organizational commitment is higher than that of the senior staff working at the municipal level.

Mobbing, Organizational Commitment, Municipality, Municipality Staff, Staff Perception