The purpose of this research; applications that are offered as free or paid for foreign language learning on mobile markets, user opinions and observations about the effects of mobile applications on learning the meaning of words and English pronunciations in students who want to learn English. This study was conducted by observing and interviewing students at the undergraduate and graduate level using the mobile application to learn the language. Sample; which is one of the purposeful sampling methods. Criteria in the study; It is defined as individuals who use mobile apps to learn English vocabulary and pronunciation. The data were collected by interviewing and observing students with standardized open-ended questions. Within the scope of the study, 5 students were interviewed, 3 of them were male and 2 were female. In the observation section, 3 students (1 female and 2 male) were observed for 2.5 months. Descriptive analysis method was used in analyzing the data. The data obtained according to this approach are summarized and interpreted according to the 14 themes subjects. Analysis of interview data and selection of themes showed 91% compliance. Analysis of observational data and selection of themes resulted in 90% compliance. As a result of the research; In order to learn English vocabulary and pronunciation, it is determined that individuals who work with mobile application are careful to do daily work. Mobile applications are one of the opportunities that can be preferred to learn vocabulary, learn pronunciation and help individuals develop themselves. Individuals who are inclined to learn English vocabulary and pronunciation gain learning by amusing and playing. It allows for the efficient evaluation of times that can be called dead for differences in the day. Controlling vocabulary pronunciations has made it possible for individuals to practice. The richness of the presented content has enabled different senses to work. This has a positive effect on the permanence of learned words and pronunciations. The acquired achievements (learned vocabulary and pronunciations) have influenced individuals in daily life, in their education, in their research, in social media and in monitoring English publishing organizations. It can be used as an auxiliary resource for lessons, thanks to content developed in accordance with individual levels. Applications offer unlimited repeatability, send reminders to users, offer rich visual content, class or course, etc. lack of time and space dependency such as environments, and accuracy control of pronunciations are some of the reasons for preference of individuals. It is understood that it is important to understand the pronunciations of the human voice preference rather than the machine language in the pronunciation pronounces used.

Mobile Learning, English Vocabulary Learning, English Pronunciation Learning, Foreign Language Learn