Dramatic activities involve the expression of an idea, situation, event, creature, or object by words and gestures. Pantomime, role playing, dramatization, story completion, imitation, etc. are examples of dramatic activities in the early childhood education. Children display creativity based on expression of emotion, thought and movement through dramatic activities. They need a variety of materials to demonstrate their creativity. Some of these materials are ordinary materials such as scarves, hats, sheets, gloves etc., but some of them are special materials such as crown, cape, tail, ear, star etc. Children try to experience, explore, research and solve different aspects of life with various costumes, accessories, puppets and masks. These tools should be able to appeal to the child's interests and skills to support creative thinking and movement, must be able to respond to their needs of age and sex. It can be prepared in a manner that does not harm the property and use easily. The aim of the study is to explain the benefits of dramatic activities and the characteristics of costumes, accessories and puppets used in these activities. This study was carried out with the qualitative method based on the examination of the documents. The information and documents related to the dramatic activities and the dramatic play tools in the literature were examined. As a result of this investigation titles were created as What is dramatic activity?, contributions of the dramatic activities to development of the child (cognitive, psychomotor and social emotional development), the tools and materials used in the dramatic activities, the characteristics of these materials and tools (suitability of the aim, cleanliness, reliability, creativity, usability, etc.). At the end of the study, suggestions about preparation and application of dramatic activity supplies were presented.


Dramatic Activity, Dramatic Activity Supplies, Early Childhood Education, Creativity, Costume, Acces

Author : Kevser ÇAĞLAR - - İlkay ULUTAŞ
Number of pages: 137-147
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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