Man can be compared to the sun, which is the source of life of the world, and it is the perfect and perfect thing. It is not known exactly what is good or bad in the inner world of human beings, but it can be said that behaviors are based on three principles: selfishness, bad spirits and pity. One cannot speak of a force that can be effective without relying on these foundations. Considering the whole person who tends to see himself as a good individual, he may be considered to be actually less good. However, it is a fact that every human being has the opportunity to expose his anger in his inner world, he wants to hurt others and he can harbor a wild animal that will kill his way without blinking. There are obligations that human beings must do in order to domesticate or control this aspect. Seeking to correct this situation, which can be described as ere radical evil of human nature, may sometimes lead to adversities. This quest is the search for the grief of the desire to live with the perpetual grief of existence, and the search for the pain relief of others. In this case, man increases the cruelty and evil more in his self. For the love that has the most burning feeling, trust and surrender must be. Love opens its secrets to those who connect to it unconditionally. Lovers such as selfishness, fear and greed also make love cheaper. Every state of sovereign desires, the influence of this world's charms is an obstacle to the development of harmonic behavior. In this context; Selma and her shadow novel is a work with a literary-philosophical depth which reflects the complex structure of human behavior and reflects on the concepts that contrast the reader with good and bad.


Peyami Safa, Selma ve Gölgesi, Novel, Love, Death

Author : Yasemin ALPER
Number of pages: 189-202
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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