Romanian philosopher Emil Michel Cioran (1911-1995) who has written most of his works in French is a name having interesting and unique perspectives/views regarding various topics among the 20th century philosophers. It would not be wrong to note that he has a silent but serious reader/follower audience, considering that most of his books were translated into Turkish. When the topics that Cioran addressed are examined, it is possible to reach many contexts such as relation with God, the world of thought, discussions on nihilism, history and utopia, “The Trouble with being born” written by his passion for music and finally death and suicide. Likewise, the aim of the study is to focus on the ideas of “death” and “suicide” with its deficiencies and defects as much as possible. Before we especially touch upon the idea of death in Cioran, we have to express the unbearable and even untenable dimension of having been born in his terms. Despite the fact that there are deep and various connections between death and philosophy from past to present, this study addresses Cioran’s unique views rather than presenting a comparative perspective with the awareness of the connections mentioned. According to Cioran, the modern world has made people forget about death. Yet, the idea of death cannot be possibly dismissed from the mind. Likewise, Cioran has never been able to give up this thought. In addition, Cioran’s thoughts and discourses directed at “suicide,” considering that it will “end subsistence as a nightmare” also attract attention in this regard. The study has aimed at analysing these issues based on Cioran’s discourses within the scope of the purpose expressed.


Cioran, Death, Suic

Author : Samet ZENGİNOĞLU
Number of pages: 427-434
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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