Author : Mehmet Dursun ERDEM
Number of pages : 1-23


Understanding the phonologic structure of the Turkish language, is not possible to examine not only the written language. Investigation and examination of the local dialects of Turkish language will shed light on many points that can not be understood. Dialect studyings are directly resource of Turkish Language. It also contributes other disciplines such as ethnology, etymology, sociology, history, folklore and etc. This paper includes subsequents of compilation which is compiled from Asarcık (district of Samsun), phonologic structure of Asarcık dialect and it’s countryside dialects by us. It is used narrow-area method while compiling. Our compilation study contains detailed compiling dialects’ all towns and villages of Asarcık (district of Samsun). It is examined phonologic data of Asarcık’s dialects; and also is compared this data with the other Anatolian dialects. It is not possible to understand the structure of the Turkish language, its’function and characteristics by only investigating it through recognised official written and standardised language. Therefore studying and searching the local language of the Turkish language brings light to questions not understandable. Additionally dialect studies not only being source of a direct reference for the Turkish language but also has an indirect input for the sciences such as ethnology, etymology, sociology, history and folklore. Asarcık is a centre where the ethnologic mixture is intensely populated. In order to study the Turkish tribes who settled here need to identify the region’s dialect efficently. As a result of the data that will be gathered through the Asarcık dialect analysis, will enable to question the correctness of the information of the history. With this announcement we will be showing the results of our study on Asarcık dialect During the study in Asarcık central and reached the whole villages where the data gathered. Method of narrow field selected, the entries have been considered in as much detail as possible. Particular attention will be given to Asarcık dialect’s phonologic results. Also these phonological results will be compared with the surrounding dialects and the Turkish of Turkiye; in phonologic context other dialects and Asarcık dialect’s smilarity and differences variations will be demonstrated.


Dialect, The Dialects of Anatolia, Samsun, The Dialect of Asarcık, Phonetic

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