Author : Servet ERTEKİNOĞLU
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The names of the places give us clues about who lived around there before and also indicates the lifestyles of people with their point of view to the life. As the new settlers of Anatolia, The Turks have given new names or adapted the previous names of those areas into Turkish pronounciation during the process of naming this geograpy. The word ‘Anatolia’ is the best example of this adaptation. Another major point is the name of places including ‘bulak’ which are commonly seen all around Anatolia and also in Ahlat. This indicates that it is highly important for humans to have water in the location where they settle down. Ahlat, which is an old settlement, had hosted many civilizations. The usage of different languages had caused variety of namings. It is possible to see that variety in Ahlat, which is the entrance of the Turks into Anatolia. Although there are many different ideas about the source of Ahlat name, it is a strong possibility that it has derived from HLT in Arabic. Because the Ahlat word ,that means ‘mixed’, indicates the variety of nations who lives in that territory as well. The name of places in Ahlat is commonly in Turkish. Besides, Armenian words are also high in number. That is caused by a huge Armenian population who lived in this area until the beginnings of the 20th century. Furthermore; Turkish-Arabic, Turkish-Persian and Turkish-Armenian words are also common in use. In this study, those place names in Ahlat Dialect is going to be expounded.


Ahlat Dialect, Toponomy, Armenian, Arabic, Persian, Turkish

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