Author : Okan Celal GÜNGÖR
Number of pages : 105-122


The handiadyoins which have been seen since the earliest texts of the Turkish language and diversified within the centuries and reached today, functions also serve to derive new concepts, to teach and reinforce them, adding various subtleties to the expression - strengthening, reproduction, exaggeration etc.-. In this study, after the term of handiadyoin and the studies on this term are evaluated, Mamluk Kipchak Turkısh period handiadyoins which are dominant in the geography of Egypt and Syria during the XIII. and XV. centuries and which show a transition language characteristic have been examined. Handiadyoins have been evaluated in terms of meaning, phonetics, the state of the syllables, the origin of the elements and the structure-organization; handiadyoins, which are synonymous or closely related, those who started with two vocal and consonant phonetically, those whose both elements are equal according to its syllabic situation, the handiadyoins which are in the Turkish + Turkish foundations In terms of origin, especially the ancestor mother 'elder parent', son girl structures have been seen to be used extensively. The handiadyoins identified from this area were compared with historical periods -Uyghur, Gokturk, Karakhanid Turkish- and Turkey Turkish- èacayip garayip, aèmì cahil, aya? çana?, cemal kemal, otura tura, ya?şı yaman, yı?ıla tura handiadyoins just to pertain Mamluk Kipchak Turkısh; as a result of comparisons made between Harezm, Kipchak and Old Anatolian Turkısh ruling during the same centuries, it is seen that the handiadyoins like “altun kümiş, artu? eksük, ata ana, el kün, iş küç, kiçe küntüz, ogul kız, oynay küle, ulluga kiçige, yimek içmek, yir kök are used in all three periods and the ones outside of the sansız sakışsız, ya? yawu? handiadyoins are still used in Turkish. This is a situation that reveals the permanence of the handiadyoins and their long-standing structure based on centuries.


Hendiadyoin, Recurrence, Historical Periods, Kipchak Turkish, Turkey

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