Author : Sadi GEDİK -- Lütfi ALICI
Number of pages : 123-140


Playing on letters, using letters as a symbol or writing poem according to alphabetical order are ways which poets used since old periods. Poets have developed the “elifnames” on the underst§anding of poetry writing by putting the letters on the foreground. Even in Turkish - Islamic literature, poets generally used the “elifnâmes” while expressing religious mystical thoughts. But, non-religiuos subjects have also been written with the elifnâmes İn the “elifnames” the first sentences of the first couplet or first verse begins with the letter. The first sentence of the next couplet or next verse begins with the letter “be”. Poetry couplets or verses continue in this order with alphabetical order and the first letter of last couplet or verse begins with “ye”. This types of poems are called elifnâme. The Elifnâmes are classified differently according to the arregement. Baba Rahim Mashrab (1640-1711) is the last period Chagatay poet. He is sufi and traveler poet who lived in the late seventheet and early eighteeth centuries. He was a poet who was very popular and inspired during his time in Turkistan and after. Although he is well-known poet in Turkistan, he is not very well-known in Anatolia. Turkish language and literature have developed in Anatolia and its around while it is continuing to develop in Turkistan. The elifnames is remarkable among the poems of Mashrab who has written in almost all kinds of Classical Turkish literary genres. The elifnâmes of Mashrab are located in masnawi of Mabda-yi Nur and Menakıbname of Shah Mashrab which is written about him. In this paper, firstly, information about the elifnâmes in Turkish literature wil be given. Then, the elifnâmes written by Mashrab will be examined in terms of language and literatüre.


Elifnâme, Baba Rahim Mashrab, Turkish-Islamic Literature

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