Author : Hicran Hanım HALAÇ -- İpek DEMİR
Number of pages : 371-388


The Anatolian lands, which hosted many civilizations throughout history, became a place where people of different languages, religions and cultures lived together in the Ottoman Empire period. The tolerance policies followed by the Ottoman state gave various rights to minorities. With the understanding of law, religious structures can be made or repaired with the policy of tolerance followed when the structures belonging to different religions can be washed. Unfortunately, many of the historical buildings that the minorities made with the support of the Ottoman Empire did not reach the present day. With the departure of its users, the buildings have begun to be abandoned. It is the cities where the Greek and Armenian minorities lived in Kütahya. Although there are many artifacts built in the city with the support of the Ottoman State, many of them did not reach the daylight. There are Armenian churches that can not be reached to the daily life where the minorities provided religious freedoms in the city and the Greek church which is in ruins nowadays. Within the scope of this study, material deterioration of the Archangel Church, which had been abandoned to fate in 1885, served as a church until 1956 and later used as a warehouse in the Turkish Red Crescent, is dealt with. A comparison of the traces on the building, the comparison of the old and new photographs, the study conducted with similar structures, the factors causing the deterioration in the historical buildings and the damage were determined. These factors are examined under two main headings as internal and external factors. It is the determination of the priority situation in the protection-repair applications to be carried out in historical buildings. It is aimed to be a study that can form a basis for conservation studies which we hope to carry out in the future with various corruptions in the church.


Conservation, Distorted Historic Buildings, Kutahya, Greek Church, Archange

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