Author : Abdullah NAMLI
Number of pages : 323-342


One of the most important essentials of faith is doubtlessly believing in the hereafter after believing in Allah. Belief in the Hereafter is one of the fundamental beliefs of divine religions, especially in Islam. There are many verses in the Qur'an that mention about the hereafter. The life of the world is temporary and the Hereafter is eternal. Going to heaven is the main goal of every Muslim who believes. Belief in the world is the most important condition for the attainment of Paradise. It is not possible to go to heaven without faith. However, in the Qur’an, it is not only mentioned to believe in going to heaven, but good deeds are also presented as an occasion to go to heaven. It should not be wrong to conclude from here that one cannot go to heaven without righteous deeds. Under certain circumstances, one can go to heaven by pure faith. Goodness is armor for faith and is always remembered with faith because it helps one to maintain and strengthen faith. Although the entry into heaven is determined by one’s own deeds, the intercession of angels and some righteous servants permitted by Almighty Allah is also valid. The heaven is rewarding place. The heaven blessings are multiple times more than the blessings in the world. The heaven and its blessings are infinite and endless. What is given in heaven is never the mathematical equivalent of what is done in the world. Therein, the infinite mercy of Almighty God comes into play, and in the eternal life, the people who goes to heaven are granted grace that they cannot repay with their deeds in the world. When you enter through the gates of paradise, the top of the heaven blessings that start with the water offered from Kevser pool to erase all sorts of sensual feelings from the heart is to touch the essence of Almighty Allah.


Kalām (Islamic Theology), Hereafter, Paradise, Hell, Reward

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