Author : Elif ŞENEL - Hülya KAROĞLU-Elif ŞENEL
Number of pages : 1423-1444


A interdisciplinary aproach has been seen obviously in all areas since second half of the last century. Among these areas, art and fashion have gone on two area interacting quite. Artists and fashion designers have been impressed by each other’s professional concerns, styles, production techniques, creations and copied each other since for many years. The borders between art and fashion disciplines beginning to blur from last period of the 19th century have been wiped up widely since second half of the 20th century. This blurring which increased with impact of the initial signs of the postmodernism was seen intensively between Pop Art creating a tremendous impression in 1960s, holding in high esteem ordinary ready-made objects and commodity, commercializing art and fashion. The general purpose of this research is to shed light to Pop Art and fashion interaction. In the direction of the purpose, it was tried to be correlated these two areas. Document analysis method as data gathering technique was applied in the research. The informations that can be reached via Turkish and foreign written sources and internet were used in the context of the method. The obtained findings were supported by samples visually. Descriptive analysis as data analysis technique was used. The subject was quoted from the documents, data were interpreted by summing up in terms of the themes and the themes were associated to each other. The culture industry concept which is based on The Frankfurt School regarded culture as an industry and all cultural artifacts as commodities. Art and fashion have been joined in this commodity group. Consumption has surpassed production in postmodern era when culture has been commodified and continuous being on displayed of cultural artifacts via mass media in order to easily reach to consumers has aggrandized popular culture. The culture industry which emphasized profit-minded a society brought the concepts as consumption society, mass culture, popular culture, commodification and commodity aesthetic into the forefront. In consequence of the research, it was determined that Pop Art and fashion came together in these concepts. In addition to theoretical similarities of the areas, the subject was enriched with artworks and fashion designs visualizing Pop Art and fashion interaction.


Pop Art, Fashion, Art, Commodity Aesthetic.


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